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Woodhaven Library, Queens, New York



Interior Elevation

Bade Stageberg Cox is currently designing the renovation of the Queens Woodhaven Library, the last Carnegie Library built in the United States. The library underwent a renovation in the 1960ís which degraded the original brick facades, erased many important historic features of the interior spaces, and introduced dropped ceilings to accommodate air conditioning. Our renovation will restore the grandeur of the main reading room, reorganize library program spaces to better utilize available space, create a fully accessible building with a new stair, elevator, and exterior ADA ramp, and restore the original exterior facades with new windows sized for original masonry openings. A new mechanical system and upgraded security and IT systems will make the library energy-efficient and technologically current. Our goal is to make the building LEED Silver. The project is currently in Design Development.

PROJECT TEAM: Timothy Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox, Saumon Oboudiyat, Karl Landsteiner, Rob Bundy, Jessica Rivera