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Tullamore Arts Centre, Ireland

Exterior Rendering

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Interior Rendering

Exterior Rendering

The design for the Tullamore Community Arts Centre is derived from the concept of convergence. This convergence, rendered in the building form, operates at multiple levels. The Community Centre serves to meld the cultural infrastructure of the Midlands at the urban scale, marries the local site features with the park at a local contextual level, and at the building level merges the programmed performance and gallery spaces into a dynamic assemblage serving local, regional, national and international arts programming. The building form is a response to the unique frontages on the site. The ’urban’ program blocks of gallery and cafe adhere to the urban street alignments while cultural program blocks are splayed into the landscape of Kilbride Park. The interplay between disparate spaces and programs is achieved through an orchestrated sequence of movement through the building, with a large central lobby serving as the main gathering space. The use of transparent and translucent glass at the curved interstitial spaces allows light and views to draw connections between the interior and exterior and space to flow through the building from multiple entry points.

The Community Centre’s form creates four exterior courts that tie the building to the landscape and bring the building’s activities outdoors. An Entry Court to the south announces the Centre to the town and is a dynamic point of arrival. The Cultural Plaza to the north engages the Grand Canal, the Cultural Heritage Museum and the new pedestrian bridge in an active pedestrian space. A Performance Court to the west connects art and drama to the park, and a Gallery Court alongside the Arts Rooms provides a venue for an outdoor sculpture park.

2011 Tullamore Community Arts Centre Architectural Design Competition

PROJECT TEAM: Timothy Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox, Jessica Rivera, Andrew Skey, Andre Guimond, Caoimhín Conway, Gonzalo Lopez Garrido, Masaru Ogasawara, Jose Rodriguez, Laura Messier