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Tomihiro Museum of Poetry and Watercolor, Gumna Prefecture, Japan

Sectional Rendering

Site Plan

Building Plan

View from Kusakiko Lake

View of Entrance

Light Studies

Transformation Through Light
The Tomihiro Museum of Poetry and Watercolor explores the transformation of light in space to present the life story, poems and watercolors of Tomihiro Hoshino. The contrast between the “natural light” of the shakkei, (framed views to the landscape) in the circulation spaces and the “light of reflection” of the galleries is the metaphor for Tomihiro’s reflective transformation through painting and poetry. This transformation occurs along the museum’s circulation route, wrapping around a central courtyard.

The transformation of the building (artist) around the courtyard (nature) forms a whole that cannot be complete without one another.

Competition Entry, The International Design Competition for a New Tomihiro Museum of SHI-GA in Azuma Village, Gunma Prefecture, Japan 2002

PROJECT TEAM: Tim Bade, Martin Cox