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Topo Concrete Tiles

Topo is a set of 4 concrete tiles that merges two and three dimensions to create infinitely variable surfaces with patterns that never repeat.

The design is inspired by mathematician Roger Penrose, who proved in 1974 that an aperiodic pattern could be made using just two 2D tiles. Topo extends this research to the third dimension by creating four tiles through the overlay of two complementary patterns, thus creating the possibility of non-repeating three-dimensional designs that are unique to each installation.

The Topo range consists of four specially shaped tiles - a pair of 2D tiles, and a pair of 3D tiles - that can be installed in an infinite variety of combinations, giving the designer freedom to vary the degree of surface relief on a wall. Tile units are cast using 3D-printed molds with a precision that allows for hairline grout joints.

Topo is fabricated in New York State and offered in four material shades, ranging from light to dark grey. Custom colors are available upon request. Each order is site-specific, with a unique layout generated using a software app developed by the architect. Detailed layout drawings are shipped with the order to facilitate installation.

Design: Bade Stageberg Cox (Timothy Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox, Andrew Skey)
Manufacturer: Get Real Surfaces