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Half Open Loft, New York, NY

Main Living Area | Photo: Frank Oudeman

Living Room | Photo: Andy Ryan

Main Living Area | Photo: Andy Ryan

Lounge | Photo: Frank Oudeman

View to Master Bedroom | Photo: Andy Ryan

Master Bedroom with boy


Dining Area

Double Nature Dining Table designed by BSC

Double Nature Dining Table designed by BSC | Photo: Frank Oudeman

Material Diagram


The Half Open Loft, a 2,600 sq. ft. residence for an art collector and his partner in the former Carl Fischer publishing house, is an exploration of the overlap between public and private life. The clients desired a residence that felt warm and intimate, yet were also interested in showcasing their extensive art collection and opening up their home for art tours and book publishing events. Half-Open references both the nature of works in the collection, which explore questions of racial, gender and sexual identity, and the architectural strategy of using large pivoting and sliding doors to reveal or conceal the domestic program. A large sliding door converts a video viewing room into a guest room, a pivoting door conceals a private office, and the library’s swinging doors open or close the room to the main living area.

'Then, on the surface of being, in that region where being wants to be both visible and hidden, the movements of opening and closing are so numerous, so frequently inverted, and so charged with hesitation, that we could conclude on the following formula: man is half-open being.'
-Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Completed 2006
PROJECT TEAM: Timothy Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox