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Gift of Light Candleholder

How can a holiday card deliver a powerful message through an object that embodies that message?

The candleholder Gift of Light is a card that fits into a standard-size mailing envelope and is accompanied with assembly instructions. The cardís message is one of the power of light over darkness, and is delivered with a quote by the 16th century humanist philosopher Desiderius Erasmus etched on its underside:

Give light, and the darkness
will disappear of itself.

The candleholder arrives in 2 flat pieces of copper nested together. The pieces are bent along etched lines at 90-degree angles. The 2 pieces nest together to create a surprisingly complex and ingenious form. Through the act of assembly, the recipient becomes an active participant in the candleholderís making and, ideally, is left with a more intimate understanding of its nature. The volume created by the nested forms - sized for a votive - holds the candle. The light is both indirect, reflecting off the interior copper surfaces, and direct, escaping through slots and openings on all 4 sides of the candleholder.

Copper was selected for use as one of the earliest metals utilized by humans over 10,000 years ago. Copper is one of the few metallic elements to have a natural color other than grey or silver. The raw finish will oxidize over time, slowly recording the process of the candleholderís assembly and use.

Design: Bade Stageberg Cox (Timothy Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox)