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Common Office, New York, NY

Collective desk in open office area | Photo: Amy Barkow

Open office area | Photo: Amy Barkow

Floor Plan

View of conference room and reception desk | Photo: Amy Barkow

Restaurant tabletops assembled and trimmed to form conference room table

View of conference room with track mounted custom pendent assembly and stock shades | Photo: Amy Barkow

View towards conference room and entry hall | Photo: Amy Barkow

Photo: Amy Barkow

CNC cut 4'x8' Fincolorply sheets assembled to create collective desk

Detailed view of collective desk | Photo: Amy Barkow

Open office area viewed from enclosed office | Photo: Amy Barkow

View south towards enclosed offices | Photo: Amy Barkow

Detailed view of pantry | Photo: Amy Barkow

Late afternoon view to the north | Photo: Amy Barkow

Evening view to the north | Photo: Amy Barkow

View north from CEO's office | Photo: Amy Barkow

The design of a new office space for a media company was conceived around important principles of our clients’ business philosophy. Firstly, the collaborative effort of everyone in the company is an important contributor to its success and secondly, the value of creativity in producing content that, even within modest means, can produce great results. The new space is distinguished by a panoramic view over uptown Manhattan. Rather than privatizing the view, enclosed offices are located near the building core and an open work area is adjacent to the windows, allowing the views to be shared by everyone. Standardized demountable glass office partitions can be re-used if the company relocates. To further emphasize the company’s team philosophy we designed a large collective desk that the staff all share with the western end functioning as a meeting table. The desktop rests on a mix of black office file cabinets and bookshelves, some of which were brought from their previous space. Designed in 4’ modules, the desk can be re-configured to accommodate changing needs.
To parallel the company’s philosophy of creativity and economy of means, we designed custom furniture and fixtures using economical materials in unconventional ways to challenge typical office furniture systems and furnishings. Inexpensive construction materials and methods were used throughout: spray acoustic treatment made from recycled newspaper, polishing the existing concrete floor, re-wired stock lamp shades fitted with 12 watt LED bulbs. Private offices are furnished with recycled carpet and off-cuts from the collective desk were used to make a entry bench and bookshelves.

PROJECT TEAM: Tim Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox, Jessica Rivera Bandler, Caoimhin Conway