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Glacio Cast Glass Light Fixture

The light fixture Glacio is conceived as a cantilevered slab of light. Cast glass captures and redirects light using the inherent properties of reflection and refraction. The irregular surface of the glass, the evident entrapped air bubbles, and its suggestively watery character appeal to one’s desire for a connection to the natural world. The simplicity of its installation into a standard partition allows the fixture to stand out as a singular evocative element.

An LED strip is concealed inside an aluminum housing. The fixture is dimmable and features a tunable color temperature that ranges from a frosty bluish white to a warm yellow glow. The light is serviced by simply removing a flush access panel with concealed fasteners.

The quality of the cast glass gives Glacio its distinctive character. Each piece of glass is unique, cast by an art-glass studio on custom order.

Design: Bade Stageberg Cox (Timothy Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox, Andrew Skey)
Manufacturer: Incodema (housing) and John Lewis Glass