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Canali Residence, New York, NY

Dining Room

Living Room

Light Cove

Dining Room

Light Fixture

Window Seat

The Canali Residence is a 900 sq. ft. pied-a-terre in a 1980s Manhattan highrise on West 56th Street. The client, a European clothing designer, stays here during his frequent trips to New York. The apartment is also occasionally used by other members of the family company. The project involved a complete renovation of the space, maintaining the existing two bedroom layout but opening up the central living room to the bedrooms on either side. When not occupied by guests, the second bedroom serves as a study that opens onto the living room. As the apartment is most often occupied by a single person, the previously partitioned rooms were connected to the central living room with the use of large pivoting doors to create an expansive, flowing space. Openings were located along the window wall to allow the New York City skyline to appear continuously along the entire length of the apartment. A sense of spaciousness is achieved through this uninterrupted vista, complemented by an uninterrupted window seat and diaphanous curtains.

A unified palette of materials was developed throughout the apartment - dark wood floors, built-in cherry cabinetry at the kitchen, hallways and bedrooms, and white lacquered woodwork along the perimeter window wall. Materials were chosen for their contrast and reflectivity to enhance a sense of lightness in the space. Stainless steel side tables, a glass coffee tabletop on a nickel base, and polished marble dining table were chosen for their sense of immateriality and weightlessness. A field of silver leaf on the living room wall and ceiling reflects the light and colors of the city beyond.

PROJECT TEAM: Timothy Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox, Andrew Skey, Caoimhín Conway,