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Alexander and Bonin Gallery, New York, NY

View from Walker Street | Photo: Michael Moran

Entry gallery with main gallery beyond | Photo: Michael Moran

Main gallery | Photo: Michael Moran

Main gallery | Photo: Michael Moran

Meeting room with office doors closed | Photo: Michael Moran

Meeting room looking into private offices | Photo: Michael Moran

Work area | Photo: Michael Moran

Entry view showing stair to lower gallery | Photo: Michael Moran

Stair to lower gallery | Photo: Michael Moran

Lower gallery | Photo: Michael Moran

Lower gallery | Photo: Michael Moran

Reception desk | Photo: Michael Moran

Entry gallery | Photo: Michael Moran

Rendering of Main Gallery

Model Section

Ground + Lower Level Floor Plans

Gallery Section


In Construction

In Construction

In Construction

The site for a new gallery for Alexander and Bonin consists of the ground floor and lower level of an 1867 cast-iron building on Walker Street. The former factory is characterized by its loft proportions and a central line of cast-iron columns that recall iconic art spaces, such as 112 Greene Street, that are inseparable from the history of contemporary art in New York.

The upper level is divided into thirds to create a sequence of distinct spaces. Elevated above the sidewalk by two feet, an entry gallery overlooks Walker Street, forming a space of transition between the city and the gallery sequence. An opening in a new wall leads into the main gallery space, a thirty five foot square with fourteen foot tall walls, which occupies the central third of the upper level. Towards the rear, offices and meeting spaces are organized under a continuous skylight with vertical views of the inner block and the sky. The gallery sequence is extended to the lower level with a new opening in the floor and a steel stair. Here, spaces dedicated to video and private viewing are joined with storage and support areas.

An environment for art is created that is simultaneously neutral and site-specific. Large scale white walls are created for display, taking advantage of the proportions of the existing loft, while the approach towards materials and architectural detail introduces sensory qualities that complement the experience of art. The historic cast-iron columns are stripped of paint and left incomplete without their missing ornamental capitals; a new wood floor forms a continuous surface throughout; and new steel assemblages of wire mesh and bent plates form a delicate frame to the stair and double-height space connecting the floors.

PROJECT TEAM: Tim Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox, Rob Bundy, Alissa Chastain